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Project Description
WPL Exporter for Creative ZEN Mozaic EZ300 converts Windows Playlists (WPL) created in Windows Media Player to ZEN Playlist (M3U) format and saves them on ZEN device.
You will be able to transfer your existing WMP playlists to ZEN.
It's developed in C# and uses .NET 3.5.

More Information:
If you use Windows Media Player to sync music to your Creative ZEN Mozaic EZ300 player, then you should realize by now that your playlists are not transferred to ZEN device as part of the sync process.

Therefore you have two options: either rebuild your existing playlists manually in ZEN or convert them to M3U using some other software and then adjust. Both options are very time consuming because the file names and paths in ZEN M3U playlists are stored using short DOS 8.3 file name format.

That's where ZEN WPL Exporter copes to play. It will export your existing WPL playlist directly to ZEN's playlist folder and then adjust all paths and file names to short format making it possible to be used by ZEN player.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Download ZEN WPL Exporter package from the Downloads page (see tabs above).
  2. Unzip the package into any folder of your choice (e.g. c:\temp).
  3. Open command window by going to Start > Run and typing cmd and then hitting Enter.
  4. Run ZenWplExporter.exe with the following parameters:
ZenWplExporter [-o] [-r] -m <musicDir> -p <playlistDir> -w <pathToWindowsPlaylist>

-w <pathToWindowsPlaylist> - is the full path to your Windows palylist (WPL) file
-m <musicDir> - full path to ZEN music folder (e.g. F:\Music)
-p <playlistDir> - full path to ZEN playlist folder (e.g. F:\Playlist)
-r - include this argument if you want automatically override an existing playlist with the same name on ZEN device.
-o - include this argument if music files on ZEN device are organized by author and album (this is set in Windows Media Player during Sync setup).

This aplication uses the following open-source components in binary (object) format:

Tags library from Professional Tag Editor
CommandLine Parser Library

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